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Corporate Realness Zine



Corporate Realness was created collaboratively with Gwen Laws in 2021 in an effort to bring awareness and release frustrations about greenwashing, toxic veganism, fast fashion, and the corporate takeover of sustainability.

One half of Corporate Realness focuses on greenwashing and veganism, going into depth about the false idea of veganism being the best option to keep the planet and yourself healthy, and colonial mindset of the people

who perpetuate this idea.​ The second half of Corporate Realness talks about gentrification, fast fashion, and

food deserts, and how all these things are connected. This section focuses more on the cooperation and it's hand in making life harder and harder for everyone it plows over in search of profits.

Zine: 7 x 7"

Silkscreen, collage, relief printing, acetate, paper
​ and silk screened text.​ Cover originally created with woodtype letterpress​. Title inspired by Corporate Realness by Dream Nails

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