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Feed  Your Fellow Man (right)
Es Hora de Comer! (left)



FEED YOUR FELLOW MAN takes inspiration

from vintage war propaganda posters and photography.  The goal of FEED YOUR FELLOW
MAN is to make the viewer look closer as you observe the elements of the poster more of
the story is revealed; of the failing of our current economic system for the common people, the mental health crisis affecting students, and the growing apathy of the 1%. 

¡Es Hora de Comer! takes inspiration from
vintage  Kellogg boxes, vintage wallpaper and phrases. The imagery of ¡Es Hora de Comer!
is an ironic play on words from the phrases
"EAT THE RICH" and the phrase "It's time to eat!".
The goal of ¡Es Hora de Comer! is to create a satirical narrative of the growing wealth gap
and apathy of the 1% during the ongoing Covid Pandemic.

Posters: 17 x 22"

Ongoing 2020 –

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